IBX UBL 2.1 Invoice & CreditNote specification

The IBX Platform supports electronic exchange of invoice documents in the UBL 2.1 format. Customers integrated to the IBX Connect platform can receive UBL 2.1 invoices regardless the format that suppliers use internally to issue invoices. Different channels from IBX Order Management to XML integration via IBX Connect enable suppliers to fulfill their customers' demands on electronic invoicing.

IBX UBL 2.0 Invoice

All invoices routed via IBX Connect are first validated against their appropriate XML schema and then mapped to the canonical IBX invoice format. In addition to the schema validation (XSD) UBL 2.1 invoices are also validated against a set of defined codelists and business rules based on schematron stylesheets (XSLT). If an invoice doesn´t pass this validation then the sender and optionally the receiver are synchronously informed via email.
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UBL Invoice, CreditNote examples:


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