XML Validator

Integrating trading partners to the IBX Business Network is a standardized process. Its leadtime depends very much on the readiness of the customer backend to submit and receive/process canonical XML data according to the IBX Business Network specifications.

Validate your own XML messages like orders, changeorders, orderresponses, invoices against standard XML schemas and IBX Business Network specifications in particular! This will ensure the quality of data and facilitate integration testing accelerating the whole process.

Validate your XML documents here:

   1. Select the schema to validate against.
   2. Paste your XML document in the text box below.
       Note!   Choose appropriate document type "with IBX SOAP 1.2 Envelope" for documents incl. SOAP envelope.
   3. Click "Validate syntax against XML schema" to validate against selected XML schema (XSD).
   4. Click "Validate content against business rules" to validate against selected business rules (XSLT).
   5. Check the validation result!

                                                                                                                           (Click here to see the validation summary.)



Validation summary: